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Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Structure The Garage Roof can be divided into three models

First, the roof of a stand-alone, meaning that is supported by four main pillars, or simply two poles by using a cantilever system. Column or pillar can be concrete, wood, steel, or a combination of these materials. These models are usually separate from the house.

Second, the structure sticking mostly on the front or side of the house. The advantage, the material is more efficient, because, means just simply add two fulcrum as pole. Two other pivot point sticking in the walls of houses in a way dipantek or rivet, or join in the roof structure of the house. To blend aesthetically with the house, the roof must use materials that conform with the construction of the house, such as tile and wood.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

House Canopy

Choosing the right canopy might be the best choice to beautify the house design, as well as add beauty to the home without having to change the whole house. Besides the usefulness of the canopy also has a function that is no less important, in addition to covering the house from the rain, the canopy also protects and covers the house from the hot sun. By doing so, we too can enjoy the side of the house were closed canopy without having to fear the rain or the heat from the sun. Obviously you want the canopy remains very durable and strong. Well, to keep the canopy durable no special tips and techniques for installing the canopy.

When you want to apply the canopy on the window or door, you must adapt to jendela.Artinya size, the size of the canopy should be wider than the window or door. The wider the canopy, the window will be protected. But it must also be coupled with many elements of the plant around the house, which help to cool the air in the house and around the house.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Canopy Roof of The Garage

The garage roof nowadays widely used by several contractors of interior and aluminum contractor to decorate the garage area as well get good ventilation. Placement of the roof to the room in the garage seems right because in addition to the air vents into the room lighting can also be freely into the room. Especially with the open-close system automatically makes this roof has a lot of convenience.

Leaving the conventional model, then made a new breakthrough roof covering or room Void. One of them is the roof of the garage Open Close the majority of its material is made of aluminum. Aluminum as a material is anti-corrosion or rust very precisely applied as the raw material manufacture this roofing. So it has aluminum roof life or level of durability durable. It is more cost-saving in terms of maintenance compared to the use of other types of roof.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

The canopy is present as a solution protector of the house from the sun and rain can affect the condition of the house significantly. Model canopy minimalist and classic or wrought iron is a trend that is now also very varied.

Canopy minimalist model options should be adapted to the design of the house or building so that in addition to protecting the house canopy also shows the value of aesthetics and beauty. Canopy minimalist model suitable for minimalist design and a tropical house, while the classical model canopy or wrought iron is very fitting for a home with a unique design or pretentious modern style.