Aluminium Sunlouvre

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvre

Sun Louvre Roof Open Close is present to provide more value for layout and occupancy as it is able to stream various needs such as: pergola, cafe, void, canopy, swimming pool, warehouse, work space, dry garden, corridor, garage, gazebo, vertical grid, and other architectural applications

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Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Carport roof, overhang of the car or called carport has the same function with a garage. Although not as good as his vehicle protection garage. But, the problem of limited land could allow people prefer to use a carport as a haven for vehicles, as well as the garage roof Minimalism which is now becoming a trend.

Carport roof in the use of materials it is better adapted to the carport design and design of the house itself. Concept created also needs to be aligned so that the carport will look harmonious and blend with the house


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

How to overcome the stale air and heat in the house can make the airways or Vertical Ventilation. However, sometimes space available does not allow to install windows. With the construction of buildings that modern technology we provide a roof that can be opened and closed.

Wear Roof Sunlouvre may be one solution to reduce the use of electricity during the day. Using a roof that can open and close to create air circulation smoothly. But when it rains the roof should be in a closed condition. Depending on the condition of the room alone. So also function Void roof on your house.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Rooftop pool in the open space usually wear a glass canopy roof, but the development of technology architecture today rooftop swimming pool use Roof Sunlouvre with aluminum material Sunlouvre, because its design is Modern, Elegant, Unique thus building owners choose to wear the roof open close to his place of business. Open and close the roof for the swimming pool can adjust when the heat and rain, the structure which can open the lid to make the visitors not being afraid to exercise activities when heat and rains.

Rooftop pool is now no longer a luxury item a lot of contractors who make the roof a pool, so this is a big challenge for us to seize opportunities in the development of business competition, par- ticularly in construction services in the construction of the roof of the pool.