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Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Sun Louvre is a series designed roof construction can be opened and closed at any time according to the needs and functions to support the convenience.

The Canopy Design House Beautiful

Desain Kanopi Rumah yang Indah

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Canopy an exterior house that serves as a protective vehicle from sunlight and air and rain that can potentially damage the material, especially the surface of the vehicle.

Important Tips Before Choosing Carport Roof


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Choose Carport it should not be done carelessly, sometimes often do not correspond to the state of the house. To avoid this, the selection should be done precisely carport.

How To Choose The Canopy Minimalist Long Lasting

Atap Carport

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Canopy now become one of the elements that must be present on a home. In addition to making your home more beautiful. The canopy can also be used to protect the house from heat or from rainwater. Materials to make the canopy is very much at all, there is made of fiber, polyester and many others. Use the materials durable and long lasting, so you do not need to replace the canopy of a minimalist home. It will save your expenses. Instead of using the usual ingredients but quickly broken. Here are some ways choose a canopy which is nice and durable.

Materials canopy next minimalist home is fiberglass. Fiberglass materials including having a cheaper price than those made of polycarbonate material. This material has more flaws that can not withstand the heat of the sun and also more easily damaged. This material will absorb heat, so if you are below it during the day will feel the heat. It is not very suitable if your home environment in urban hot. Besides these ingredients will rapidly decay and also does not last long. So you need to frequently replace them with new ones.

Carport Roof Structure


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Structure The Garage Roof can be divided into three models

First, the roof of a stand-alone, meaning that is supported by four main pillars, or simply two poles by using a cantilever system. Column or pillar can be concrete, wood, steel, or a combination of these materials. These models are usually separate from the house.

Second, the structure sticking mostly on the front or side of the house. The advantage, the material is more efficient, because, means just simply add two fulcrum as pole. Two other pivot point sticking in the walls of houses in a way dipantek or rivet, or join in the roof structure of the house. To blend aesthetically with the house, the roof must use materials that conform with the construction of the house, such as tile and wood.

Importance of Choosing Canopy Home


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

House Canopy

Choosing the right canopy might be the best choice to beautify the house design, as well as add beauty to the home without having to change the whole house. Besides the usefulness of the canopy also has a function that is no less important, in addition to covering the house from the rain, the canopy also protects and covers the house from the hot sun. By doing so, we too can enjoy the side of the house were closed canopy without having to fear the rain or the heat from the sun. Obviously you want the canopy remains very durable and strong. Well, to keep the canopy durable no special tips and techniques for installing the canopy.

When you want to apply the canopy on the window or door, you must adapt to jendela.Artinya size, the size of the canopy should be wider than the window or door. The wider the canopy, the window will be protected. But it must also be coupled with many elements of the plant around the house, which help to cool the air in the house and around the house.

Rooftop Void

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

How to overcome the stale air and heat in the house can make the airways or Vertical Ventilation. However, sometimes space available does not allow to install windows. With the construction of buildings that modern technology we provide a roof that can be opened and closed.

Wear Roof Sunlouvre may be one solution to reduce the use of electricity during the day. Using a roof that can open and close to create air circulation smoothly. But when it rains the roof should be in a closed condition. Depending on the condition of the room alone. So also function Void roof on your house.

Roofs Swimming Pool

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Rooftop pool in the open space usually wear a glass canopy roof, but the development of technology architecture today rooftop swimming pool use Roof Sunlouvre with aluminum material Sunlouvre, because its design is Modern, Elegant, Unique thus building owners choose to wear the roof open close to his place of business. Open and close the roof for the swimming pool can adjust when the heat and rain, the structure which can open the lid to make the visitors not being afraid to exercise activities when heat and rains.

Rooftop pool is now no longer a luxury item a lot of contractors who make the roof a pool, so this is a big challenge for us to seize opportunities in the development of business competition, par- ticularly in construction services in the construction of the roof of the pool.

Gazebo Roof

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Gazebo Roof installed in parks and recreation place swimming pool will provide a nice atmosphere and gives a classy atmosphere, because of its structure which can open the lid be the best choice, for visitors who bring their families together while relaxing. And we do not have to worry about the hot weather or rain, because it has been designed by our architecture so that it can be opened or closed according to our wishes.

Rooftop Clothesline

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Choosing an enclosed space as a drying area is not an exaggeration. Due to safety reasons, this could still be applied. Of course we have to think about the source of light for drying clothes. Using a glass roof and polycarbonate seems less fit, because the light of heat into space is less than optimal. Try to use Aluminium Roofing Sunlouvre, ie leaf roof with roof that can be opened and closed, as well as window blinds. Sunlouvre Aluminium Roofing of materials is the right solution for the needs of your sun roof.


Sunlouvre | Canopy | Aluminium