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Roofs Cafe

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Cafe is a form of informal restaurants that give priority to the presentation of a comfortable place to relax, rest and chat while enjoying a coffee or tea and other light dishes. building roof cafe try to use materials that can be fused with nature or open systems. Selection of theme and style is very influential in the interior atmosphere in the cafe is the psychological impact on visitors.

Themes and styles are presented, supported by elements such as interior lighting and materials used. Lighting techniques either natural or artificial light can create a certain mood in a room. While the use of natural or artificial material that matches the theme, not only bring satisfaction to view visually, but also practical function.

Canopy Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Aluminium Canopy Roof Sunlouvre

Sunlouvre is aluminum roof that can be opened and closed, so as to control the intensity of sunlight, rain, wind and maximize ventilation space. Sunlouvre roof construction can be adapted to the place and the condition of the room.

Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre given full access to your room to control the intensity of the light / sun, rain, wind and ventilation in your home building. Make the area more diverse functions in their use. Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre very diverse functions among others, The Garage Roof or Carport Roof, Roofs for Wildlife, Pergola, Corridor Roof Void, Gazebo Roof, Terrace, Rooftop Cothesline, Roofs Swimming Pool, Rooftop Restaurant, Roofs Cafe, Kitchen, and others.

Vertical Ventilation System Sunlouvre

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Sun Louvre | Aluminium Sun Shade

In summer, the closed position of the ceiling to protect from the sun by allowing shady areas and warmer weather. You are spoiled with various Sunlouvre Sun Shading System, Design and Functional. Enjoy the benefits that allow for customized design approach your local conditions.
Curtain function which is used to control the light in the room, can now be replaced by Sunlouvre called Vertical or Vertical Sun Shading,Ventilation System

Aluminium Canopy Pergola

Aluminium canopy Pergola beautify the exterior design of the house, especially garden. Garden is an important part and can not be separated from a house. Usually socialization among many family members do in the garden and in his spare time, the garden also can be used as a place for important guests so that the guests feel comfortable, and the garden you can make a garden party with neighbors and close relatives.

There are several things you can do to make the design of the park more attractive and beautiful to behold. Add a variety of accessories in the garden, such as Roof Gazebo , Fishpond, or Pergola. Aluminium canopy Pergola of material Sunlouvre is a new concept that offers full control over the sun and rain.

The Roof Canopy Gazebo

The roof canopy gazebo is adjustable roof construction system that can be opened and closed at any time, in accordance with the wishes and needs of the user. Gazebo roof canopy can alter the nature of open spaces into enclosed spaces, and vice versa, with just a pull of a lever, or a single key press on the remote control. The shape of the ranks of the lattice of the material 0.65 mm thick aluminum air-finishing paint powder coating and measuring flexible, so it has strong characteristics , weather resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-termite, and lightweight, and flexible size. This product can be installed anywhere, either horizontally, or vertically. Method of application and the treatment was easy, making it suitable for various types of rooms and theme design.

Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre not rule installed in other places such as Cafe, Swimming Pool even mounted Vertical though.

Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre for Roofs Swimming Pool

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Sun Louvre | Aluminium Sun Shade

Roof canopy Swimming Pool room is open usually wear a canopy roof glass, but the development of technology architecture of today's rooftop swimming pool using a canopy Aluminium Sunlouvre that can be opened and closed automatically, because of his design that looks cool and fancy so that building owners choose to wear Canopy Aluminium Sunlouvre to his place of business. Aluminium canopy roof for Swimming Pool can adjust when the heat and rain, its structure which can open the lid to make the visitors not being afraid to exercise activities when heat and rains.

Canopy roof pool is now no longer a luxury item a lot of contractors who make the roof canopy of the pool, so this is a big challenge for us to seize opportunities in the competitive business development,, particularly in construction services in the construction of the roof canopy Swimming Pool.

Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre for Roof Void

One way to overcome the stale air out and heat in the house is to make air ducts or vents. However, sometimes space available does not allow to install windows. Fortunately, today's building construction technology provides the solution, Sunlouvre Aluminium canopy that can be opened and closed.

Aluminium canopy function Sunlouvre to roof Void is diverse, namely for Pergola Canopy or Canopy Carport, Kitchen, Corridor Canopy, Canopy place clothesline Clothing, Canopy Terrace, Garden Canopies, Canopy void, canopy garage, canopy Swimming Pool, and so forth. Wearing Sunlouvre Aluminium canopy for roof Void that can be opened and closed can be one solution to reduce the use of electricity during the day. Using Void Aluminium canopy that can be opened and closed smoothly can create air circulation. But when it rains the roof should be in a closed condition. Depending on the condition of the room alone.

Curtain Sunlouvre Vertical

Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre can be applied in many areas, not just limited to Carport, Void, The Drying, Patio, Gazebo, but the roof of this type can be applied for Exterior Design. Pictured above is the result of the installation of photo Curtain Sunlouvre Vertical.

Curtain function is used to control the light in the room, can now be replaced by Curtain Sunlouvre Vertical, to operate Curtain Sunlouvre Vertical, you can use the system manually or motorized system using the remote control.

The Garage Roof Your Room Ventilation Solution


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Canopy Roof of The Garage

The garage roof nowadays widely used by several contractors of interior and aluminum contractor to decorate the garage area as well get good ventilation. Placement of the roof to the room in the garage seems right because in addition to the air vents into the room lighting can also be freely into the room. Especially with the open-close system automatically makes this roof has a lot of convenience.

Leaving the conventional model, then made a new breakthrough roof covering or room Void. One of them is the roof of the garage Open Close the majority of its material is made of aluminum. Aluminum as a material is anti-corrosion or rust very precisely applied as the raw material manufacture this roofing. So it has aluminum roof life or level of durability durable. It is more cost-saving in terms of maintenance compared to the use of other types of roof.



Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

The canopy is present as a solution protector of the house from the sun and rain can affect the condition of the house significantly. Model canopy minimalist and classic or wrought iron is a trend that is now also very varied.

Canopy minimalist model options should be adapted to the design of the house or building so that in addition to protecting the house canopy also shows the value of aesthetics and beauty. Canopy minimalist model suitable for minimalist design and a tropical house, while the classical model canopy or wrought iron is very fitting for a home with a unique design or pretentious modern style.


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