Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre for Roof Void


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Aluminium Canopy Sunlouvre for Roof Void

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One way to overcome the stale air out and heat in the house is to make air ducts or vents. However, sometimes space available does not allow to install windows. Fortunately, today's building construction technology provides the solution, Sunlouvre Aluminium canopy that can be opened and closed.

Aluminium canopy function Sunlouvre to roof Void is diverse, namely for Pergola Canopy or Canopy Carport, Kitchen, Corridor Canopy, Canopy place clothesline Clothing, Canopy Terrace, Garden Canopies, Canopy void, canopy garage, canopy Swimming Pool, and so forth. Wearing Sunlouvre Aluminium canopy for roof Void that can be opened and closed can be one solution to reduce the use of electricity during the day. Using Void Aluminium canopy that can be opened and closed smoothly can create air circulation. But when it rains the roof should be in a closed condition. Depending on the condition of the room alone.

The workings of this roof can be done manually and automatically. For the roof kinds of manual, operation simply by pulling two ropes were tied to the iron roof connecting leaves. If executed automatically using electric-powered motor.

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