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Sun Louvre | Aluminium Sun Shade

The canopy is present as a solution protector of the house from the sun and rain can affect the condition of the house significantly. Model canopy minimalist and classic or wrought iron is a trend that is now also very varied.

Canopy minimalist model options should be adapted to the design of the house or building so that in addition to protecting the house canopy also shows the value of aesthetics and beauty. Canopy minimalist model suitable for minimalist design and a tropical house, while the classical model canopy or wrought iron is very fitting for a home with a unique design or pretentious modern style.

The canopy model selection in accordance with the design and style of the house will make harmony so that adds to the beauty of your home or building. The color selection minimalist roof canopy Aluminium materials adapted to the style and color of the house. We recommend to book a canopy of survey locations so that the installation will be harmonious and in accordance with the design of the house.

We present canopy Aluminium Sunlouvre with the latest technology ways of working using two manual systems and automated systems Aluminium canopy construction Sunlouvre The technology provides a solution to overcome the stuffy and hot air in the room is by way of the roof that can be opened and closed. Serves for air circulation and lighting.

Sunlouvre aluminum canopy can be applied as: Carport roof, garage roof, Cover Void, roof garden, roof terrace, where the sun roof, wall grilles, etc.

There are several colors Decorative options.

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