How To Choose The Canopy Minimalist Long Lasting

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How To Choose The Canopy Minimalist Long Lasting

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Canopy now become one of the elements that must be present on a home. In addition to making your home more beautiful. The canopy can also be used to protect the house from heat or from rainwater. Materials to make the canopy is very much at all, there is made of fiber, polyester and many others. Use the materials durable and long lasting, so you do not need to replace the canopy of a minimalist home. It will save your expenses. Instead of using the usual ingredients but quickly broken. Here are some ways choose a canopy which is nice and durable.

Materials canopy next minimalist home is fiberglass. Fiberglass materials including having a cheaper price than those made of polycarbonate material. This material has more flaws that can not withstand the heat of the sun and also more easily damaged. This material will absorb heat, so if you are below it during the day will feel the heat. It is not very suitable if your home environment in urban hot. Besides these ingredients will rapidly decay and also does not last long. So you need to frequently replace them with new ones.

Materials canopy minimalist home that you can use is a canopy made from glass. This is perfect if you want a lot of home lighting. By using a glass house you will receive much light from outside. But the glass material will cause global warming, because the light will come down to earth again reflected by the glass to the top of your home. besides glass canopy also need care and special mounting. Price of glass canopies are also more expensive, compared to other canopy materials. Glass canopy you can place in your minimalist living room area. But the lack of canopy material can not withstand the heat.

Materials other canopy minimalist house that you can use is Aluminium Canopy Roof Sunlouvre. Sun Louvre is adjustable roof construction system that can be opened and closed at any time, in accordance with the wishes and needs of the user. Roof SunLouvre can change the nature of open space into a confined space, and vice versa, with just one pull of the lever, or the press of a button on the remote control. The shape of the alignment grid of 0.65 mm-thick aluminum air-finishing paint and powder coating is flexible, so that it has the characteristics of strong, weather resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-termite, as well as light and flexible in size. This product can be installed anywhere, either Horizontal or Vertikal. Method of application and the treatment was easy, making it suitable for various types of rooms and theme design.

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