Comfort of a layout is an important need in carrying out activities of life. Sun Louvre® is a series of roof construction designed to support the convenience because it can be opened and closed at any time according to the needs and functions of a space.

With the pull manually or by remote control, Sun Louvre® provides an easy to open and close up to 90 ° to protect and control the circulation of air, the intensity of the sun or rain water entering inside a room.

The roof construction is simple and minimal maintenance because it is made of quality aluminum material with a layer of powder-coat finish, making Sun Louvre® look slick, powerful and exclusive and supports the architectural style of a dwelling and optimize the function of the room.

Sun Louvre® present to give more value to a spatial and residential because it can be applied to a variety of needs such as: pergola, cafe, void, canopy, swimming pools, warehouses, den, dry garden, corridor, garage, gazebo, lattice vertical and other architectural applications.

Our Technology

Construction technology canopy Aluminium Roofing Open Close Sunlouvre on the side of the house or building, you can take advantage of the system in every season. In the summer, the closed position of the ceiling to protect from the sun by allowing areas of shade and moderate weather. On the other hand, because the grating was opened in the winter, will let the sun brings light and warmth.

Some applications of the product SunLouvre® like, Vertical Panel, attached to the existing structure to better meet your needs.

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Technical specifications

Attract manually or by remote control, Sun Louvre provides an easy to open and close to 90 degrees to protect and control the circulation of air, the intensity of the sun or rain water that goes into a room. With Aluminium Sheet Materials and Powder Coating layers.



Installation Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre installation can be tailored to the characteristics of the building or home. Sun Louvre not rule installed in other places such as cafes, a swimming pool even though mounted vertically.

We have a team of professionals working in their respective fields. We will always take care and keep the worst that might happen. With the quality and standard of strict installation procedures, as well as high quality products, we are always sure to be the leader and the best.


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We provide products Sun Louvre Elegant and Stylish are to your taste. With a design that is always up to date, we are always the first choice.


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