Aluminium Sunlouvre

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvre

Sun Louvre Roof Open Close is present to provide more value for layout and occupancy as it is able to stream various needs such as: pergola, cafe, void, canopy, swimming pool, warehouse, work space, dry garden, corridor, garage, gazebo, vertical grid, and other architectural applications

Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Gazebo Roof installed in parks and recreation place swimming pool will provide a nice atmosphere and gives a classy atmosphere, because of its structure which can open the lid be the best choice, for visitors who bring their families together while relaxing. And we do not have to worry about the hot weather or rain, because it has been designed by our architecture so that it can be opened or closed according to our wishes.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Choosing an enclosed space as a drying area is not an exaggeration. Due to safety reasons, this could still be applied. Of course we have to think about the source of light for drying clothes. Using a glass roof and polycarbonate seems less fit, because the light of heat into space is less than optimal. Try to use Aluminium Roofing Sunlouvre, ie leaf roof with roof that can be opened and closed, as well as window blinds. Sunlouvre Aluminium Roofing of materials is the right solution for the needs of your sun roof.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Cafe is a form of informal restaurants that give priority to the presentation of a comfortable place to relax, rest and chat while enjoying a coffee or tea and other light dishes. building roof cafe try to use materials that can be fused with nature or open systems. Selection of theme and style is very influential in the interior atmosphere in the cafe is the psychological impact on visitors.

Themes and styles are presented, supported by elements such as interior lighting and materials used. Lighting techniques either natural or artificial light can create a certain mood in a room. While the use of natural or artificial material that matches the theme, not only bring satisfaction to view visually, but also practical function.


Sun Louvre | Canopy Aluminium | Sun Shading Louvers

Aluminium Canopy Roof Sunlouvre

Sunlouvre is aluminum roof that can be opened and closed, so as to control the intensity of sunlight, rain, wind and maximize ventilation space. Sunlouvre roof construction can be adapted to the place and the condition of the room.

Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre given full access to your room to control the intensity of the light / sun, rain, wind and ventilation in your home building. Make the area more diverse functions in their use. Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre very diverse functions among others, The Garage Roof or Carport Roof, Roofs for Wildlife, Pergola, Corridor Roof Void, Gazebo Roof, Terrace, Rooftop Cothesline, Roofs Swimming Pool, Rooftop Restaurant, Roofs Cafe, Kitchen, and others.