Canopy Sun Louvre

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Canopy Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre | Aluminium Sun Shade

Aluminium Canopy Roof Sunlouvre

Sunlouvre is aluminum roof that can be opened and closed, so as to control the intensity of sunlight, rain, wind and maximize ventilation space. Sunlouvre roof construction can be adapted to the place and the condition of the room.

Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre given full access to your room to control the intensity of the light / sun, rain, wind and ventilation in your home building. Make the area more diverse functions in their use. Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre very diverse functions among others, The Garage Roof or Carport Roof, Roofs for Wildlife, Pergola, Corridor Roof Void, Gazebo Roof, Terrace, Rooftop Cothesline, Roofs Swimming Pool, Rooftop Restaurant, Roofs Cafe, Kitchen, and others.

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