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Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre

Sun Louvre | Aluminium Sun Shade

Sun Louvre is a series designed roof construction can be opened and closed at any time according to the needs and functions to support the convenience.

Sun Louvre provides convenience open close to 90 degrees to protect and control the circulation of air, the intensity of the sun or rain water entering inside a room.

We are an Authorized Distributor Roofing Sunlouvre in Bali, Surabaya, Jakarta, we serve and the good work area as well as the entire territory of Bali in Indonesia. Open and close the roof is a product made in Indonesia are made of aluminum, where the roof can be opened and closed automatically or manually. Aluminum roof open and closed systems or roof Sunlouvre can be applied to:

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Function Aluminium Roof Sunlouvre

Its function is diverse, namely for roof pergola (carport), kitchen, corridor, a clothes horse, terrace, garden, void, garages, swimming pools, and so on. Wearing the roof open and closed sunlouvre can be one solution to reduce the use of electricity during the day. Using sunlouvre which can be opened and closed smoothly can create air circulation. But when it rains the roof should be in a closed condition. Depending on the condition of the room alone.


How it works can be done manually and automatically. for roof types manually, the operation simply by pulling two ropes were tied to the iron roof connecting leaves. If executed automatically using electric-powered motor.

The roof canopy or roof Open Close Sunlouvre is made of aluminum which is specifically designed to be opened or closed to 90 degrees so that air and light can enter into the room of your house and when it rained the roof can be closed by means of automatic and manual so the room below it not wet.

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