About us

Vision and Mission


  1. We are a leading Construction Services Aluminium Sunlouvre the market leader
  2. Ensuring quality and quality materials in the building of a construction
  3. Provide jobs for people who have skills in construction field
  4. Provide opportunities for employees to develop their abilities and competencies to achieve goals.
  5. Establish relationships are clear and transparent to the consumer.
  6. Creating a company that is not only financially but aims orientation emphasis on the quality and safety of employees in the craftsmanship peroses construction.
  7. Developing a business group general construction with the innovation and creativity that are regularly and continuously in creating added value for the provision of space life and well-being better for the community and its partners
  8. Being a private company (national) leading, construction services, evolves continuously, providing added value and welfare for employees, management, shareholders and other partners through the power of the value of commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility) and corporate governance good..


  1. Being a leading national private companies in the construction industry on the quality, promote cooperation, provide employee benefits, provide the best service to consumers.
  2. Always maintain a commitment to provide customer satisfaction with the attention to quality, the right price and the right time job on every project that was done as well as providing employment opportunities to the HR potential

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